Details of the incident and steps I followed
My Claim against Nationwide Insurance
Government Assistance. or the lack thereof
My experience with attorneys and what they don't do
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The claim against Nationwide Insurance is posted here in complete form. This consists of two documents. The first document is the letter that was sent to John C. at the Nationwide Sarasota office. It also contains the list of items of which was previously noted by their adjuster. The second document sent at the same time as the first to Nationwide is broken into seperate sections and pages. This document Takes each item from the list and shows a picture. The pictures ares to display the item listed and help explain the details of the item such as the trailer. The pictures were taken within a few days of the accident and the same day the Nationwide adjuster came. Some items were gathered together for the picture because they had ben scattered within the trailer.  These are only some of the pictures. A number of other pictures were not posted because of space restrictions. You will notice the item number is referenced back to the same listed in documnt #1.

Claim Document #1

Items with pictures Document #2

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