Details of the incident and steps I followed
My Claim against Nationwide Insurance
Government Assistance. or the lack thereof
My experience with attorneys and what they don't do
Links for help with insurance claims

Nationwide Insurance - This is a link to Nationwide for information purposes only. I recomend you avoid this company as much as possible.

Florida Department of Financial Services - This is one of the government agencies mentioned on this site.

Form for Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violation - This is the form used for filing against an insurnace company for claim denial, unsatisfactory settlement offer, unfair trade practices, etc. Hope it works for you.

Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies - This site has plenty of information on how insurance companies cheat their customers, state laws and tons of important imformation you should know.

Court Ruling against Nationwide - for failing to respond to requests (letters & calls) from insured for proper settlement. This is nearly identical to problems I have had with Nationwide. It should be noted this did not cause a settlement but that be remanded back to court. Nationwide had sought dismissal to not have to pay anything but now will have to settle through the court system..

Article from Virginia Business on discrimination case won against Nationwide Insurance.

Supreme Court Decision against Nationwide in West Virginia pertaining to a settlement with a car accident.

Decision against Nationwide in Ohio (has National ramifications) against Nationwide

Article from Columbus Alive - Pertains to jury decision that "insurance giant Nationwide Insurance is not always on your side"

Article from Attorney site on filing of class action lawsuit - Lawsuit is filed against Nationwide for unfair & deceptive practices in settling uninsued motorist claims. Sound familar???

Federal Trade Commision Ruling - against Nationwide mortgage division for deceptive practices. This is one of the hardest things to read. It states that Nationwide solicted people in danger of default of their mortgages for interest only loans for one year giving them hope of a new loan at the end of the year (nationwide had no intention of giving) with a balloon payment due. This just means making payments for a year and then Nationwide taking their homes anyway.

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