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 What is most interesting about dealing with Attornyes and insurance claims is the attitude from the attorneys. To this point every attorney I have spoken with is all about the money. But the attitude has been that once they do not see a large dollar figure for the case they discontinue not only any conversation but any courtesy. I even had one attorney in the middle of the conversation hang up the phone on me! I heard him placing the receiver down. I called back (anyway) and spoke with the asistant who claimed phone trouble and would have the attorney call me back at a later time as he was now (30 seconds later) in the middle of a meeting. Please don't ask me if he called back.
 With nearly every attorney I have dealt, it is all about the money. Upfront they tell you it is about the case, but the details they are most interested in relate to how much money. Usually the question is 'was I injured in any way' or 'Have I felt sick or sore since the accident.' After that question the conversation usually ends, very abruptly.
My most recent example is when I received a letter from Lidsky, Vaccaro & Montes in Hialeah, Florida from Carlos Lidsky. The letter states "The amount of your claim is not significant to our acceptance of your case." I spent a half hour on the phone with one of their assistants named Michele. I even pointed her to this website. Since then Michele said the attorney will call me back. I have called four times since then, spoken to Michele and told the same thing each time. Needless to say I have never received a call from one of their attorneys.
 My best advice is to play up any possible injury when speaking with an attorney. In one situtation when I realized the person from a law firm was losing interest I mentioned "several injuries" I had from the accident. All of a sudden she told me an attorney really needs to speak with me. I told her I made up the injuries. Figured if they can waste my time I can waste theirs. With so called "insurance claim" lawyers you need to translate that to "personal injury lawyer." Personal Injury equals Dollar$. It is all about the dollars. No injury means no dollars and they are not interested. If you do not have an injury (this goes for claims from home owners, business or any other insurance. I will tell you upfront if you have no REAL injury to claim then do not bother calling attorneys. They only will deal with you if they see big dollars.

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